Demonetization – A booming period for Real Estate Investors

Will Demonetization affects Real estate???

Currently there is a lot of discussions and debates are going on this topic. The demonetization was a very essential   step which was bound to bring with it a remarkable shake-up wherever black money plays major role. It turn present situation into where people do business with integrity only can survive. Real estate sector remains unaffected by the demonetization of higher value currencies of 500 and 1000 notes. It will emerge stronger, capable of long period sustainable growth. It is true that the enquiries with property developers came down after the announcement of demonetization by the prime minister.


But things have been improved and there is a hope that demonetization will help bring down interest rate and cut down the cash transaction that is a blame for unrealistic price of lands. This move will bring the much need correction in land price. With this step of demonetization, banks are going to flushed with approximately 15 lakh crore and it compelled to lend aggressively. So they will have to lower the interest rates.


The possible correction in the land price will also be an opportunity for builders to focus on affordable housing as the in Kerala we need 12 lakh houses. There is al large pool of home buyers will be able to avail loan to buy homes. The housing industry in India starts to a rapid growth with the increasing transpancy and credibility.

Currently the real estate market is at the best possible price point. Now it is the best time to invest in real estate in India which guarantees much safety and return at minimal risk.

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